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v1.5: Insights Overviews

A new update for the Next World Platform and Insights Dashboard has been released today, with a suite of new tools to help manage and administer trainees.

Dashboard Updates

Insights Dashboard Reframe


The dashboard has been overhauled to better bit wide screens and provide access to more information at once. There’s been overhauls of menus, title bars, fonts and colours to make it more usable on desktop devices. There’s plenty more to come in this space so keep an eye out.

30 Day Overview

The 30 Day Overview is now the first thing you'll see after you log in. It'll give you a quick summary of your recent experience usage.


New Trainees Page


The Trainees page has undergone significant improvements including a new look and feel, better filters and a brand new grading system. We’re looking forward to showing more on the new grading system in the near future.

New Session Filters

There’s new filters on your sessions list which allow you to find sessions by experience and show or hide incomplete sessions. The sessions table will also show sessions that are live and currently in progress.


Long, Searchable Admin Tables

Tables are now full length and searchable in admin areas, allowing you to find your users, devices and training information more quickly.


Agent Admin Assume

Thanks to powerful new authentication tools, agents can now log in as an admin for any company, allowing easier viewing of insights.