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v1.12: Training Scheduler Update

In the 1.12 update, we have released our newest feature - the Training Schedule!


Training Schedule

The Training Schedule allows managers to see and schedule training events for trainees on a calendar based on the company's time zone. Trainees are then notified of their training time via email.

This is a fantastic feature that empowers companies and organisations even further. Check it out today!



Lock-Out Tag-out

Lock-out tag-out is a set of procedures designed to control hazardous energy during processes such as maintenance, inspection and servicing. In this experience, you'll learn how to complete a lock-out tag-out procedure safely, and in the correct order. You'll also learn how to use lock-out tag-out equipment to lock a machine before performing maintenance activities, how to identify and release stored energy and the importance of communication with affected personnel to ensure your safety and theirs.