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Managing the members of your division

The division management page gives you the ability to add or edit the members of your organisation, allowing for more granular team and member management.

How to add a member

To add a new member to your organisation, go to Admin > Members and select the Create New icon on the bottom-right. From there, you can fill out the following details:

  • Name = enter the employee's full name
  • Email (optional for trainees) = allows for the member to be sent notifications by email
  • Division = select which division the user will be a part of
  • Role = designates the role of the user on the portal
  • Position (optional)
  • External Reference (optional)

When you're done, select Add member to save them to your organization. This will generate a unique 4 digit access code for them to access training on the VR headsets. If they have an email address, they will also be emailed instructions to set up a password for the platform.

Manager or Admin members require an email address, as they will need to access the platform

How to bulk add members

You can also bulk add members by selecting Import Multiple Members where you can add multiple members at once or import from a CSV file.

How to delete a member

To delete a member, navigate to Admin > Members > select member > press Archive

Archiving a member is permanent and cannot be undone. You will lose all of their training data and they will not be able to access training with the same access code. 

Multiple members cannot have the same email address, even after being archived. If you intend to create a new user with the same email address after archiving an old record, make sure to remove the attached email address first, otherwise you will not be able to use that email again.


Q: What is an External Reference?
A: An external reference is a field where you can add your own reference IDs to a user, for example an employee number or site ID.

Q: Where do notifications go if a user doesn't have an associated email address?
A: Any notifications will be forwarded to the manager(s) of any training programmes that user is a part of.