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Screencasting to an Apple Device Completely Offline

The below steps will walk you through how to set up a hotspot on your Apple device so that you can screencast your Pico to your Apple device completely offline.

Step 1. Turn off mobile data
  1. Unlock your iOS device and find the "Settings" app on the home screen. The Settings app icon looks like a gear.

  2. In the Settings app, scroll down and look for the "Cellular" or "Mobile Data" option. The name may vary depending on your iOS version and region.

  3. You'll see a toggle switch next to "Cellular Data" or "Mobile Data." Tap on the toggle switch to turn off mobile data. When the toggle switch is in the off position, it will be grayed out.

  4. A pop-up message may appear to confirm that you want to turn off mobile data. Tap "Turn Off" to confirm.

Step 2. Turn on the hotspot
  1. In the Cellular or Mobile Data settings, you'll see an option called "Personal Hotspot" or "Mobile Hotspot." Tap on it to access the Personal Hotspot settings.

  2. On the Personal Hotspot screen, you'll see a toggle switch next to "Personal Hotspot" or "Allow Others to Join". Tap on the toggle switch to turn on the hotspot. The switch should turn green or show "On" when the hotspot is active.

Do not turn off (or disable) the Wi-Fi because Hotspot needs the Wi-Fi to work.

Step 3. Connect your VR Headset to the Mobile Hotspot of your Apple device
  1. Within Next World Agent, go to its settings and press on the first option (“Configure Connection”).

  2. Select the mobile hotspot of your Apple device

Step 4. Screen cast to your browser
  1. Press the Pico button on your controller to open the Pico menu in your headset.

  2. Press the “Screencast” Icon on the left.

  3. Choose the “Cast to Browser” option in the middle.

  4. Type the Screencast web address shown on your headset to your mobile device’s web browser.

  5. Click the “Start Screencast” button on your mobile device’s web browser.

  6. A dialog will open in your headset requesting permission to allow Screencast. Select the “Allow” button.

All set. Your headset will now screencast to your Apple device completely disconnected from the internet.