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Accessing Virtual Reality training modules

This article will explain how to access your desired training module once you are in the headset.

If the headset has not been setup yet, take a look at this article on setting up a headset.

Make sure you ready for training

Putting on a headset and powering it on, will take you immediately to Next World Home. Here you will be greeted by E.L.I.O.T!


E.L.I.O.T will check to see that your controllers are activated, in the correct hands, and are functioning correctly. If anything is wrong, E.L.I.O.T will assist you in fixing the issue.

if you are currently seated, E.L.I.O.T may also ask you to check where the floor is. You'll be instructed to hold your controller to the ground to get an accurate reading.


Login with your access code

Once E.L.I.O.T is happy with your setup, you'll be asked to enter your login code. This is the unique 4-character code that represents you for your training. You will have received a code when scheduled for training. If you do not know your code, please talk to your trainer.

Screenshot_com.NextWorld.NextWorldMenu_2023.04.27- your code, then click 'Log in'.

Pick the correct experience

You'll be faced with a selection of all the experiences available to you. Use the scroll bar or the joystick on the controller to look through the list, and when you find the experience you are looking for, click on it.

Screenshot_com.NextWorld.NextWorldMenu_2023.04.27- will launch the experience. Enjoy the training!