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How to setup your controllers

If this is the first time your headset is being used, or you are having issues with your controllers, the following is a list of steps and checks you can do to help identify the problem.

Check for Battery Tags

It could be that the tag for the controller's battery has not been removed which would mean the current from the battery is not able to flow. The left side of the left controller or the right side of the right controller can be removed by sliding it (with a little bit of force) towards the bottom of the controller. Check if there is a small white tag on one end of one of the batteries and if so, remove it. 

Test for Dead Batteries

If this is not the case, the issue could simply be that the batteries have run out. If you have two spare AA batteries available, you could try replacing the batteries.

Re-bind the Controller to the headset

If this still does not solve the issue, then you may need to bind the controller to the headset again. Follow the instructions below to un-bind and re-bind a controller.

Press the Settings button on Next World Agent.


Press the System Settings button.


Go to Controller and then press either Unbind the left controller if you are having issues with your left controller or Unbind the right controller if it is the right controller that is having issues.


Now press Add controller for the controller you unbound and follow the instructions displayed in green to re-bind your controller.


Both controllers should now be working, with Connected appearing on screen below each of the controllers.


If none of these troubleshooting steps solved the issue you are having with the controller, please send Next World Support an email stating you have tried all the possibilities in this article, and we will assist you further.