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v1.19: The New Look Portal

The Next World Platform Portal got a major overhaul in May 2023, here's what's new.

An Overview 

In this article, we will be discussing the latest portal release from Next World - Version 1.19. This update includes several new features and a massive visual overhaul that gives a new look and feel to the platform. Navigating the pages is easier than ever, and there are many areas users can quickly access the necessary features. The Trainees Page is a valuable addition that provides an overview of the overall training progress of users. The Training Programmes feature allows users to edit and add new programmes easily.

Massive Visual Overhaul

image.pngOne of the most significant changes in this release is the massive visual overhaul of the portal, which now looks completely different and a lot nicer. Although the key functionalities remain the same, all the navigation features have moved to the left-hand side for easier and more intuitive access.

New Navigation Features

image.pngStarting from the top to bottom, the new navigation feature includes the user's name and access code, which can be used to change the password, manage training programs, and access other features. The company information is next, which allows users to switch views between divisions within their organization.


image.pngThe dashboard is the first thing that users see when they log in, and shows the most recent session experiences that have gone through the organisation in the past seven days. Users can view the number of sessions completed and trainees that have gone through.

Training Insights

image.pngThe training insights feature allows users to view an analysis of data from the sessions that users are doing. Users can filter the data via searchability and filter options, such as searching from a date range or by experience. They can see users from different divisions, the incomplete sessions, or sessions in progress.

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image.pngThe Trainees page is a new feature that provides an overview of the overall training progress of users, as well as the status of each individual trainee. Users can view all the trainees in their organisation, the courses completed, the number of sessions done, and the training status. This is a useful place for individual training management and seeing overall health scores.

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Training Programs 

image.pngThe Training Programmes page shows a list of all current training programmes. Users can edit the name, description, frequency, experience, and members that are part of the programme. They can also add new programmes from this feature.

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