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New Release! v2.4.0

In this release, we've improved the functionality of the Archive feature across the board and refreshed the look and feel of our email notifications, as well as implementing reminder emails for trainees and trainers alike!


The archiving feature should now function as expected across the board:

  • Devices can now be archived and restored
  • Members can now be archived and restored
  • Training Programs can no longer be archived, and instead are permanently removed
  • Divisions and subdivisions can now be archived and restored *
  • When archiving or restoring a division, all related entities (devices, members, training programs and subdivisions) are also archived or restored.
  • Viewing archived entities is now possible through the filter button on each table view

This has been a long requested user experience change and we're hoping it helps to further improve the functionality of the Platform.

Email Notifications and Reminders

Email reminders will now be sent out for various tasks that will help to improve users safety training targets, and have also received a much needed visual overhaul in line with the current platform visual design.

That's all for now!